API Cinenews.be - BAPANEVP02 -

API Video Player


Attribute Req/Opt Default Description
version Required 1 Version of API (numeric 0-99)
country Required be Country for preroll and trailer version
  • be
  • fr
  • nl
  • lu
lang Required fr Language of tools and version of trailer
  • fr
  • nl
  • en
type Required trailer Type of source:
  • trailer
  • videos
id Required 0 Id of trailer id of videos id
w Optional 640 This the width size of player
h Optional 380 This the height size of player
autoplay Optional false If true, the player play automaticly
logohide Optional false If true, the logo is hide

Integration interface

An interface was created for web users to share the video player from cinenews.be. You can access to it with this link:
Open integration interface

Bande-annonces (type:trailer)

<iframe src="http://api.cinenews.be/player/?version=1&country=fr&lang=fr&type=trailer&id=45876&autoplay=false" width="640" height="380" border="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

if HTML5 (IPod, IPad, IPhone)

Videos (type:videos)

<iframe src="http://api.cinenews.be/player/?version=1&country=be&lang=fr&type=videos&id=281&autoplay=false" width="300" height="200" border="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>